Pioneering the podcast advertising space since 2006

Nearly 20 years ago, we placed an advertisement for the leading podcast and audiobook service—an accomplishment that made us one of the earliest and the only podcast agency actively buying podcast media since 2006. We are not just investing in media. Rather, we’ve leveraged our campaign insights to propel the growth and advancement of the podcast advertising ecosystem, remaining at the forefront of podcasting advertising as it’s become one of the most powerful tools for brands. Now, listeners have over two million podcast titles to choose from in the U.S. alone, and podcast downloads continue to increase, with the average listener downloading more than five episodes every week.

In an ever-growing and ever-evolving ecosystem, Veritone One has the expertise and market share buying power to help you navigate your options and execute a media plan fit for your goals.

120 M

Americans are listening to podcasts

Over $3B

in client revenue generated by Veritone One

See how podcast advertising can deliver ROAS and unmatched LTV among a desirable audience


Zero in on a lucrative demographic

Compared to the general U.S. population, podcast listeners are more educated and wealthier, with a higher likelihood of both graduating from college and having a higher HHI.


Capitalize on engagement

As an opt-in medium, podcasting reaches listeners at their most engaged. 81% of podcast consumers say they’ve engaged positively with the brand after hearing an ad.

new audience

Activate new audiences

Diversity in podcast creators translates to a more diverse listenership. Connect with niche or underserved audiences in the most authentic way—by speaking to them.

Unique AI-enabled ad insights

When it comes to authentic podcast integrations, no two ad reads are the same. Thanks to our proprietary AI-enabled Discovery platform, we’re able to not only capture and verify each read in near-real time, but also mine its content and metadata for performance insights. Each read is automatically transcribed and then rated and reviewed by our dedicated compliance team. We use that combined intelligence to help you scale.

premier status
Benefit from premier status among the biggest networks

Enjoy access to proprietary rates and exclusive opportunities thanks to our long-standing relationships, impressive market share buying power, and relentless negotiation on your behalf.

ai media planning
Make the best buy with AI-enabled media planning

Our proprietary Navigate application aggregates billions of data points across 30,000 shows and automates placement analysis to help you minimize risk while driving scale.

Experience turnkey campaign launches

Our dedicated compliance and talent onboarding teams handle day-to-day communication with network and influencer partners to ensure timely asset delivery and alignment on campaign goals.

ad buying
Go beyond the limits of traditional ad buying

Thanks to our AI-enabled Discovery platform, we can explore unique integrations and 360-degree opportunities outside of conventional media buys. Whether we're capitalizing on live events or activating on our proprietary MicroMention format, we'll find every opportunity to establish frequency and maximize your relationship with every placement.

Our Strategy in Action

“Thrive Market has partnered with Veritone One to successfully drive reach and conversions through Podcast campaigns of all genres and listenership sizes. We love working with them! Their team has helped us scale effectively while also helping us to navigate a fragmented space with best in class reporting & analytics.”

Julianna Crozier, Business Development Manager, Thrive Market

“Since 2013, DraftKings has worked closely with Veritone One to scale and optimize our media buying efforts. Their solutions and expertise in today’s emerging media environment have proven to be successful, helping us to achieve meaningful results”

Stephanie Agrimanakis Sherman, Chief Marketing Officer, DraftKings

“Raycon has disrupted the headphones category. To do so, we needed a partner who was able to activate thousands of influencers across audio and YouTube to deliver ROAS at a huge scale. 6 years in, Veritone One is still the ONLY partner who can execute at this level.”

Roman Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Raycon

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