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With Veritone One, you get the expertise of over 125 dedicated audio and influencer specialists across media, creative, strategy, and data science—all fueled by our proprietary AI-enabled technology stack. The result is real innovation in traditionally hard-to-buy and fragmented media landscapes—and better campaign performance.

Proven Performance at Every Step

We have launched hundreds of brands in audio and influencer media, helping them navigate the media landscape and ensuring that we have a full-funnel tracking solution to prove viability, apply insights, and scale campaigns faster.



Drive higher test ROAS and media viability with less risk. Historical data from our $2.5B in placed and measured audio and creator-based video media allows us to test into proven perfomers, so you can spend only what you need to in order to prove concept and get learnings.



Generate better campaign insights, faster. In this influencer environment, where no two ads sound the same and media audiences are always shifting, near-real-time ad verification and AI-enabled campaign analytics ensure better learnings and in-flight optimizations.



Our intelligent database of creators and agnostic scaled planning approach blends proven performance and AI-enabled analytics to scale campaigns quickly and effectively.

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The Veritone One Process

Sound strategy combined with the experience and resources to execute, all fueled by AI-generated campaign insights.

strategic planning

Strategic Development

As a test-and-learn performance agency, our growth is directly correlated to that of our clients. As such, developing a solid go-to-market strategy is essential to our process and has yielded a winning formula. For every plan we put together, we use our agency first-party data to identify the market opportunity as it relates to your KPIs, pinpoint where your target audience is most engaged, and construct the optimal media mix, message, and measurement plan to deliver ROAS.

tactical execution

Tactical Execution

Our tactical media and activation teams are purpose-built to execute in the unique landscape of audio and creator-based media. We provide everything your campaign needs to succeed.

ai genertaed insight

AI-Generated Insights and Optimization

Veritone One's aiWARE surfaces campaign metadata in near-real time in order to make smarter and faster media investment optimizations.

performance reporting

Performance Reporting

Custom reporting is aligned with your specific conversion funnel and success metrics. VCAP allows all internal stakeholders data vizualization reports to track trends in messaging, offers, and media performance. This tool is most powerful in the hands of our account teams, who use it to tell you the "why" behind the "what."

Navigate: AI-Enabled Media Planning

Built on aiWARE, our proprietary application was custom-built for our agency as an all-encompassing media planning solution to help your business scale. Navigate aligns our data across advertisers and platforms and automates analysis, allowing for better planning, execution, and ongoing evaluation of campaigns. The result? Faster, better-informed media optimizations and increased ROIs for our clients.

In what is historically a fragmented buying cycle, Navigate aggregates our industry data alongside planning filters for audience demographics, media and ad unit type, show size, genre, pricing, and performance. Its split-second analysis allows our strategists and planners to surface insights instantly and optimize campaigns continually. By improving processes for automating, validating, verifying, and scaling content-based live reads and influencer ads, Navigate isn’t just a boon to our agency operations, but a welcome disruption of the industry as a whole.

Powered by our industry-leading technology

  • Research & Insights
  • Veritone Performance Index
  • Engage
  • aiWARE
  • VCAP
Research & Insights

Research & Insights

As a first step, we tap into the latest research and findings from established data sources. We use an assortment of industry tools to show us audience sizes and where they’re based, as well as how our target audiences are consuming media. We also use them to discover new talent and determine whether potential creator partners meet your brand’s criteria using insights like audience demographics, content, and performance metrics.

Veritone Performance Index

Veritone Performance Index (VPI)

The Veritone Performance Index aggregates invaluable proprietary performance data from billions of dollars in historical ad spend. Collecting data across channels, from campaigns spanning multiple industries, it allows us to surface macro trends and granular insights alike. It provides guidance that informs our strategy for making optimal media recommendations while minimizing risk.



Engage is our end-to-end campaign stewardship toolset that the Veritone One team uses throughout the entire media buying process—all the way from initial research to billings and reconciliations. Engage is interoperable with our other proprietary platforms for the purpose of connecting research tools, measurement and attribution information, and finance and accounting data. The resulting time savings and operational efficiency allow our team to tens of thousands of integrations each month, more efficiently than ever before.



Veritone’s proprietary aiWARE platform is the world’s largest repository of ingested audio, recording and transcribing hundreds of thousands of hours of audio content and ad analytics. This platform houses the world’s largest audio and influencer metadata encompassing both ad and content analytics. We use this platform to record mentions, verify ads and provide immediate actionable intelligence for our campaigns — as well as for your competitors’.


Veritone Custom Analytics Platform (VCAP)

VCAP is our completely customizable real-time reporting and analytics platform. With VCAP, our clients can gain valuable insight into campaign performance, integrated media plans, and creative delivery at a glance. Acting as the main-frame for our agency, VCAP provides deep transparency into the same data we use to measure and act on KPIs. Every advertiser has direct access to their VCAP dashboard, so their reporting is available to them at any time. This transparency holds us accountable to hitting our clients’ goals and empowers our optimization of their campaigns.

...and powered by our people

Our state-of-the-art tech works best in the hands of our experts. For every technological innovation, there’s a wealth of knowledge in how best to use it, accumulated during our decades of experience. Our full-funnel approach allows us to inject specialized expertise at every step, and our learnings from every campaign serve to make our team more confident in executing the next one.

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Our Strategy in Action

“Thrive Market has partnered with Veritone One to successfully drive reach and conversions through Podcast campaigns of all genres and listenership sizes. We love working with them! Their team has helped us scale effectively while also helping us to navigate a fragmented space with best in class reporting & analytics.”

Julianna Crozier, Business Development Manager, Thrive Market

“Since 2013, DraftKings has worked closely with Veritone One to scale and optimize our media buying efforts. Their solutions and expertise in today’s emerging media environment have proven to be successful, helping us to achieve meaningful results”

Stephanie Agrimanakis Sherman, Chief Marketing Officer, DraftKings

“Raycon has disrupted the headphones category. To do so, we needed a partner who was able to activate thousands of influencers across audio and YouTube to deliver ROAS at a huge scale. 6 years in, Veritone One is still the ONLY partner who can execute at this level.”

Roman Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Raycon
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Ready to scale your business with AI-powered performance advertising?

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